• 25 Jan - 04 Feb
  • 10:00am to 10:00pm

Get yourself energized and ready to go with these power drinks available at Intermark Mall. 


Nothing like a cold, crisp shake during a hot day. If you're a fan of berries, you'll love this Mixed Berries Fruitshake!

Available at The Yard, Lower Concourse.


"Kom-boo-cha", a fermented tea drink that will give you the extra probiotics, detoxification, digestion improvements, cholesterol reduction and energy enhancement that you need in your body.

Available at Agrain, Lower Concourse.


Nothing beats a juicy refreshing smoothie, boost your day and immunity with your favourite healthy squeeze.

Available at Boost Juice Bars, Concourse.


Rehydrate yourselves with some vitamin C rich juices. 

Available at Salad Atelier, Ground Floor.


Get all the antioxidants and probiotic from this refreshing Avocado Nutri Yogurt.

Available at JLD Dragon, 1st Floor.