Artistry of Diwali

  • 23 Sep - 27 Oct
  • 10:00am to 10:00pm


Discover the Artistry of Diwali with our spectacular, repurposed kolam from 23 September - 27 October 2019.


The Grand Bazaar by A Day 

23 Sepember - 27 October 2019 | Ground Floor

The festive season, indulge in a huge selection of Diwali fashion and styles.


Diwali Specials

Henna Art 

Every Tuesday & Friday | 12 - 3pm (except 4 Oct 2019)

Saree Styling Demonstration & Photography Session by Saree Guru

Monday - Friday | 11am - 5pm

Elephant Doodling by Melanie Bayoud from Embee Design

Every Friday | 12 - 2pm


Decorative Fair by Blue Eyes  

23 Sepember - 27 October 2019 | Concourse

Illuminate your living space with a gorgeous selection of exotic and captivating Turkish lamps and lights.


Home Fair by Living Circles Concept 

23 Sepember - 27 October 2019 | Concourse

Enhance the festive ambience of your home with a variety of decorative items.



Indulge your sense with flavourful and aromatic brews from our cafes this International Coffee Month.


DOME CAFE | Ground Floor

A place to experience the art of great coffee while spending time with good mates of business partners.


MCDONALD'S | Ground Floor

Get your caffeine fix with pocket-friendly yet great tasting coffee.


PAUL | Ground Floor

Brighten up your day with traditional French pastries and signature brews.



Known for its signature dark roasted coffee, Starbucks brings you robust flavours until the last drop.


DUNKIN' DONUTS | Concourse

Bringing people together with the freshest coffee and delicious donuts.


GRIZZLY | Concourse

An artsy bear-themed cafe that serves a good cuppa with well-known, made-to-order toasties.



Relax and unwind in a cosy corner with a cup of San Francisco specialty coffee.