Artful Dining

  • 18 Mar - 31 Mar
  • 10:00am to 10:00pm

Immerse into a delightful total experience of all day dining with artful presentation.

Awaken your senses with the art of aroma accompanied by a hearty meal to start your day.

Dome Café | Ground Floor 
Enjoy a scrumptious muffin with a long black at RM15+.

Grizzly | Concourse Floor (9am - 12pm)
Enjoy savoury breakfast toasties and hot drink at RM18.* 

Juan Valdez Café | Ground Floor (9am - 12pm)
3 excellent choices of breakfast at RM18 with any hot beverage.*

  • Colombian Breakfast

  • Croque Madame

  • Eggs on Toast

San Francisco Coffee | Concourse Floor 
Coffee and sandwiches made to perfection.

Artcube | 3rd Floor 
Spark your creativity at this home-grown gallery.


Fuel up your energy with a power lunch that is quick, fresh and tasty.

Mama Chai | Concourse Floor (12pm - 3pm)
Savour wholesome Thai delicacies at this simple yet homely establishment.
Thai grilled chicken bento set and red ruby dessert at RM18.*

McDonald’s | Ground Floor
I'm Lovin' It. Great Variety, Great Value‎

Onsemiro Restaurant |2nd Floor
Flavours of authentic Korean cuisine.

Love Gadget | Concourse Floor
Wide selection of cool gadgets for your mobile phone needs.


Grab a soothing beverage and a sweet treat to pick up your day.

Grandmama’s | Ground Floor
Crispy deep-fried banana served with ice cream for the dessert lovers.

In Colonial | Ground Floor
Delicious French toast with ice cream that will make your sweet tooth sing.

Secret Recipe | Concourse Floor
Satisfy your appetite with a variety of high quality gourmet cakes.

Living Circles Concept | Concourse Floor
Find your perfect homeware to uplift your living ideas.

Happy Hour
Relax and unwind after work over wallet-friendly drinks.

Bait | Ground Floor

  • Sangria & Pimm’s Jug at RM88.

  • Hemisferio wine at RM23 per glass.


Dinner & Drinks
Feast on a mixology of good food, ambience and people.

Savini Ristorante Italiano | 2nd Floor (6pm - 9pm)
The creativity of art plating that will amaze your eyes and taste buds.

  • Enjoy 3 selections of pasta at RM18.*

Hanare | Ground Floor
Embrace a premium Japanese dining experience with the freshest of ingredients.

Space Furniture | 3rd Floor 
Explore the latest trends in home designs that will surely fascinate your thoughts.

Ristorante Porto Romano| Ground Floor 
Indulge in  a cosy Mediterranean cuisine cooked to perfection.

Kenshin Bar | Ground Floor
Newest Samurai inspired speakeasy accompanied by the award-winning bartender - Osmund Bernad.

*Promotions valid until 31 March 2018. Terms and conditions apply.